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an underwater tunnel filled with lots of fish
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It was a set-up she'd expect to see in a large public aquarium, not in a private home. But then again, nothing in Damon's home was typical.
a person in a kayak paddling through the water near a large rock formation
Top Attractions in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Top Attractions in Michigan's Upper Peninsula | Midwest Living
there is a small island with trees on it in the middle of the water, surrounded by rocks
10 Must-see Natural Wonders in Michigan - Grandpa Shorter's Gifts
10 Must-See Natural Wonders in Michigan - including Kitch-iti-kipi. -Grandpa Shorter's
an alley way with flowers growing on the buildings
ARCHITECTURE – another great example of beautiful design. Narrow Street, Taormina, Italy photo via carrie
the michigan bucket list is shown in purple and blue colors, with an image of people on
The Ultimate Michigan Bucket List | A Healthier Michigan
50 fun things to do in Michigan
a lake with rocks in the water and mountains in the background
Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, Montana
some rocks in the water and trees
Lake Tahoe, United States
the water is so clear that it looks like ripples are coming from the sand
Beautiful Lake Michigan. At Ludington.
the cover of five stunning michigan waterfalls
We’ve narrowed down 5 spectacular Michigan waterfalls you must travel to!
a lake surrounded by trees and mountains
25 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Michigan - The Crazy Tourist
Maybe somewhere in the Rockies or a mountain in Germany called Zugspitze? At any rate it's definitely not Michigan; there aren't any mountains in Michigan. I would change the main commentary and link if I could, but I can't and I'm keeping the picture cause it's cool lol | My Ѧღαℨїᾔℊ ℙʟα¢℮ṧ
a bike parked on the side of a street next to a building with flowers growing out of it
Italian Conner ❤
Italian Conner, Florence, Italy | by exploringeurope on Flickr
an alley way with red doors and flowers growing on the side of each door, surrounded by stone buildings
Home - Blend Of Bites
Pitigliano Province of Grosseto Regione Toscana - Tuscany region Italy "Assaggia l'Italia" Cultura Arte Spettacolo Turismo Alimentazione Info@assaggialitalia.it - direzione@assaggialitalia.it
an alleyway with potted plants and flowers on either side
12. Spello (Italy)
an old stone building with trees and chairs in the foreground, surrounded by lush green grass
Tuscany, Italy .. Chianti region
the rolling hills are dotted with poppies and trees
Best Tuscany Travel Guide | Holidays in Tuscany, Italy | Tour Italy Now
✯ Montichiello, province of Siena, Tuscany, Italy