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an ornate painting with angels on it
Cantiere di Assisi
Cimabue - Madonna in trono con angeli e San Francesco - affresco - 1280 ca.- Basilica inferiore di San Francesco, Assisi
cimabue paintings | Giovanni Cimabue - Cimabue crucifix 1268 71 dt2 - Oil painting ...
cimabue paintings | Giovanni Cimabue - Cimabue crucifix 1268 71 dt2 - Oil painting ...
an old painting of a man holding a cross
Cimabue - Wikipedia
"Saint Francis of Assisi" ~ Cimabue, c. 1240 – 1302, was a Florentine painter. Cimabue is generally regarded as one of the first great Italian painters to break from the Italo-Byzantine style. Cimabue was a pioneer in the move towards naturalism; his figures were depicted with more lifelike proportions and shading. Even though he was a pioneer in that move, his Maestà paintings evidence Medieval techniques and characteristics.
an old painting with a woman holding a child
sea art and sun: Photo
Cimabue - The Virgin and Child. 1295
the crucifix is painted in gold and black
(Cenni Di Peppi) Cimabue
an icon of the virgin mary holding a child
It's About Time
1284 Cimabue (Italian Byzantine Style Painter, c 1240-1302) Madonna and Child Castelfiorentino
an icon depicting the virgin and child surrounded by angels
Cimabue Image Gallery
Cimabue (Bencivieni di Pepo) ~ Madonna Enthroned with the Child and Angels, 1290-95 | Verkorting creates diepte
an icon depicting the virgin mary and child jesus
Maesta of Santa Trinita by Cimabue
Maesta Of Santa Trinita - Cimabue, original name Bencivieni di Pepo, modern Italian Benvenuto di Giuseppe (born before 1251—died 1302), painter and mosaicist, the last great Italian artist in the Byzantine style.