Queen Marie of Romania

Edinburgh Sisters Spam Princess Marie of Edinburgh later Queen Marie of Romania ( 29 October 1875 to 18 July after marrying King Ferdinand I of Romania on the January 1893

H.M. King Michael I and Crown Princess Margareta of Romania

Crown Princess Margarita and King Michael I of Romania attend the Luxembourg wedding gala 19 Oct 2012

“ Princess Ileana of Romania ”

Princess Ileana of Romania. Reproduction Postcard Peles Castle Museum / Photo, by 1927 / Photo Gheorghe Voicu

Archduke Anton of Austria and Princess Ileana of Romania.

Archiduque Anton de Austria & Princesa Ileana de Rumania

Wedding image of Princess Ileana of Romania with the penniless archduke Anton of Austria-Tuscany.

Princesa María de Rumanía

The Edinburgh Turquoise Tiara (Wikimedia Commons) Crown Princess Marie of Romania (later Queen Marie of Romania;

El Rey Miguel I de Rumania y la princesa Ana de Borbón-Parma

King Michael of Romania and bride Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma on their wedding day, 10 June,

King Carol II of Romania, 1930

September – King Carol II of Romania abdicates and is succeeded by his son Michael.

King Ferdinand of Romania (Nando)

King Ferdinand of Romania (Nando)