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Things to do in Budapest

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. I have always wanted to visit Budapest and recently I got a chance to visit this city.


Glasgow Travel Guide: If you’re wondering, Should I Visit Glasgow, the answer is a resounding YES! Creative and lively, Glasgow is Scotland's coolest city!

simobutterfly:  Tempio di Saturno e Arco Settimio Severo al foro di Roma.Scatto James Appleton.

What a beautiful picture from Italy is a place I've always wanted to visit! The Forum, Rome - Province of Rome Lazio. I first saw it around this time. It was closed so we walked up Palatine Hill which gives great views and the Forum cats start coming out.

What a great travel photo! Rome has got to be on everybody's travel wish list.   Lessons From A Passport                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Roman Colosseum isn't the only thing celebrated for its history. Yellow 108 creates sustainable hats from salvaged and recycled materials, making it one with a rich history and a past life of its own.

Trastevere ~ is the 13th none of Rome,on the west bank of the Tiber, south of Vatican City in  Italy

I'd love to take you on a dinner date to this beautiful little restaurant in Rome (Trastevere ~ on the west bank of the Tiber, south of Vatican City in Italy).

Rome ~ The Trevi Fountain  I've been here :-)

Fontana Di Trevi, Roma - by tossing a coin over your shoulder into this fountain, you ensure your return to this magnificent place - I definitely have a few coins in there .