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the sun is setting over some snow covered trees in the distance, with pink and purple skies
Polar glow
~~Polar glow by Antti-Jussi Liikala - Vuotso, Finland~~
four different views of snow covered mountains in the middle of winter, from top to bottom
Alien Landscapes: Lapland, Finland
Landscapes: Lapland, Finland
lapland Traditional, Lofoten, Scandinavia, Finland, Lapland, Asia
画像 : 美男美女ぞろい!北欧の少数民族サーミがかわいい! - NAVER まとめ
a person standing in front of a large building on top of a snow covered hill
Snowing on Christmas day: Helsinki cathedral
Snowing on Christmas day, Helsinki cathedral, Finland
two people cross country skiing in front of a restaurant
Just another WordPress site
Sirkantahti in Levi #lapland #christmas
three reindeers are standing in the snow near a tall, snowy tree at sunset
Reindeers Lapland Finland
an aurora bore is seen in the sky above some trees
Best places to see the northern lights
Finland northern lights
a herd of reindeer running across snow covered ground
'The Long Journey Home' Lonely Planet Magazine
Lapland photographs - Gary Latham
an old black and white photo of people in native american clothing with a dog on their lap
A Nordic Saami family in traditional costumes and a dog from Finland before 1936
a close up of a red cloth with flowers on it
Sami people embroidery, Finland
Sami people embroidery, Finland
a white dog sitting on top of a large rock covered in grass and rocks with the sun setting behind it
somewhere lapland....
Lapland style boots Verona, Folk Dresses, Folk Costume, Indigenous Peoples, Ethnic Fashion
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Lapland style boots
two deer statues with pink bows on their head and antlers attached to the heads
Roberta Charme and More
Christmas time
a stuffed animal hat with blue eyes and fur on it's head, attached to a cord
Star Wars Chewbacca Laplander Hat
Star Wars Chewbacca Laplander Hat. And you guys thought my old hat was bad. Wait until I get this one!
a close up of a cat with snow on it's face and eyes, looking at the camera
Snow Lynx in Lapland
two husky dogs laying in the snow with their heads resting on each other's backs
Welcome to
Dogsledding in Swedish Lapland.
a plate full of chocolate truffles covered in powdered sugar
Chokladboll (Chocolate Ball) / a Swedish no-bake pastry made with oatmeal, sugar, coffee, cocoa, and butter, then rolled in coconut or pearl sugar.
some cinnamon rolls are sitting on top of each other
X'mas Potluck @ Claire's Home
Wonderfully fragrant, scrumptious little Swedish Cinnamon Rolls. #cinnamon #buns #rolls #Swedish #food #baking #cooking #dessert
an old log cabin in the woods with grass on top
Swedish food storage shed built on a tree stump. Log construction. Love the steps.
an old photo of a baby in a sled
Snow baby 1910s
an ice sculpture is lit up in the snow
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ICEHOTEL, Swedish Lapland - Eternity Art SUite - this reminds me of Phillip Pullman's Northern Lights and I find it amazing but slightly scary
a river running through a lush green field next to a tall mountain covered in snow
Kungsleden Trail
Kungsleden Trail, Sweden, Lappland (they often market themselves as the mountain trail where you don't need to bring anything to drink as there are brooks with drinkable glacier water along the whole trail.)
a herd of reindeer walking down a snow covered road with the words how to pack for lapland
Ultimate Female Travel Packing List for Lapland
Ultimate Female Travel Packing List for Lapland
an old photo of some people in front of a teepee
The "Sami" people are considered to be part of the 5 most secluded cultures in the world. Native to Sápmi, a region encompassing parts of the northernmost areas of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Russia, the Sami are Scandinavia's only official indigenous people.
an old black and white photo of people in native american clothing with a dog on their lap
Nomad Sami Finland 1920s
lets hang out with out dogs in some kick'n outfits. Saami goodness
a man standing in the snow next to a large ship
Icebreaker Cruise and Snowcastle Visit
Bahco Laplander - The STANDARD for a survival or bushcraft folding saw! Crafts, Camping, Survival Tools, Survival Gear, Outdoor Gear, Bushcraft Gear, Bushcraft Kit, Bushcraft Camping
Bahco Laplander - The STANDARD for a survival or bushcraft folding saw!
a reindeer walking through the snow in front of trees
Oh just great...late for practice again. It's all Vixens fault..........