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I only repinned this because Ed is a smexy beast with his hair down

And the only posters left are all Pokemon and Danganronpa posters - oh wait, there's still one Lupin III poster here. I'm almost running out of demotiv posters.

Shirtless Edward Elric because, why not? <- I saw the description for this pin and I was like yeeeesssssss...

Shirtless Edward Elric because, why not? From "It's nice to meet you, sir" to "Your daughter calls me Daddy, too" in one gif.

Team Edward Elric...Take that Twilight! {Fullmetal Alchemist, FMA, anime, manga}

Edward Elric would beat Edward Cullen into a pulp! (and then Imagine Roy Mustang passing by and it is the end of Cullen)