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“I think Eugene and Rapunzel are by far Disney’s best couple. Their romance was realistic, beautiful, and it wasn’t rushed. They didn’t fall in love with each other right away. It was gradual (they didn’t even get married until years later!), and they both learned something about themselves along the way. They are such an unlikely pair but they work together so well. I think it’s one of the best love stories ever.”

All the old movies have the common girl and the prince fall in love instantly, without even reason for what they love about each other, and I just xP


“I think Eugene is the bravest prince in a Disney movie, he’s the only one that has actually died for the one he loved. And he wasn't a prince until he married Rapunzel! He was just an ordinary guy. He's definitely my Disney shame<--Yup!

Nicholas Petricca || WALK THE MOON via Rolling Stones Magazine

Nicholas Petricca of Walk the Moon

nicholas petricca of walk the moon my FAVORITE band other than fun. (;

nicholas petricca of walk the moon - he's definitely one of the most down to earth musicians out there.