Poiana, Brasov - Romania

These are the mountains just above Brasov. We lived in Brasov and love this part of Romania.

Castle Bran, Romania

Ei poftim ce a ajuns Branul. :) Top 20 Most Expensive Homes In The World: Dracula’s Castle Romania: 135 million

Cluj Napoca Romania

Cluj Napoca Romania, my home

Easter eggs made the way my mother in law makes them

Slovenian Easter eggs (pirhi) in a basket. In Slovenia as well as throughout Central and Eastern Europe, eggs are commonly dyed with a single color using onion peels.

horezu ceramics..

Next to this little town - Horezu , Valcea County , Romania there's an unique type of white clay used by the locals for pottery . When you touch or knock on this pottery , it sound like crystal !

Sibiu, Romania

Where Count Dracula used to roam the streets at night.