Ana Maria Iancu

Ana Maria Iancu

Ana Maria Iancu
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Hyatt Regency Hotel Amsterdam  / van Dongen-Koschuch

Gallery of Hyatt Regency Hotel Amsterdam / van Dongen-Koschuch - 1

Ace Hotel Downtown LA / Commune Design

Ace Hotel Downtown LALos Angeles, California, renovation and interior design of the historic United Artists theatre and adjacent Texaco office tower, commissioned by Mary Pickford and built in The project includes a hotel with …

The Student Hotel The Hague / HVE Architecten

Completed in 2015 in Den Haag, The Netherlands. Images by Bart van Hoek . The Student Hotel The Hague is located in a former nursing home. 306 rooms for students are realized in the Van Limburg Stirum House near the train.

Hotel Indigo Helsinki / Arkkitehdit Soini & Horto

Built by Arkkitehdit Soini & Horto in Helsinki, Finland with date Images by Tuomas Uusheimo. Hotel Indigo Boulevard is located in a historical boulevard in central Helsinki where the surrounded buildings have t.

Ismael 312 Apart Hotel / Estudio Larrain

Completed in 2013 in Santiago, Chile. Images by Rodrigo Larrain Illanes, Cristobal Palma / Estudio Palma. Ismael 312 Hotel Ismael hotel is a small hotel that gets bigger due to its environment. The site has only 180 m² meters), and overlooks two.

Red Dot Hotel / Steven Wu+Wang Pe-Jen

Built by Steven Wu+Wang Pe-Jen in , Taiwan with date Images by Andrew Chang / Double Hong. Reddot Hotel is transformation of a thirty-five year old hotel formerly the Galaxy Hotel. the building was reco.