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Multifunctional shapes and clothes! Fashion, Clothes, Multifunctional, Wrap Dress, Dress, Shapes, Create
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Multifunctional shapes and clothes!
a black mannequin with a blue scarf draped over it
Five ways to wear a piece! Multifunctional clothing!!!
Multifunctional clothing object! Shoulder Dress, One Shoulder Dress, One Shoulder, Shoulder
Multifunctional clothing object!
New piece! Jackets, Coat, Raincoat, Neck Dress, Victorian Dress, High Neck
New piece!
New stuff!!!
New stuff!!!
Multifunctional pieces!
Multifunctional pieces!
Work in progress! Work, Work In Progress, Progress
Work in progress!
New works in progress! Crop Tops, Tops, Women, New Words
New works in progress!