pvc drain wall

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there is a wall made out of many different pipes
Pin by david deng on 装置艺术Installation Art | Installation art, Ceramic art, Textile art
a dining room table with chairs and lots of circles hanging from the ceiling
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divider- wonder if this is PVC painted black with translucent colorful screens
the room is very large and has many circular objects on it's walls, as well as windows
Steel tubing and stained glass partition / devider for private Tribeca apartment / loft space - great interior design idea!
a christmas tree made out of toilet paper rolls is displayed on the wall in this room
No Room for a Christmas Tree? Try One of These Creative Alternatives to a Traditional Evergreen
Christmas tree made out of PVC pipe and a piece of plywood! I have a project for my hubby next year!!
a living room with white couches and a decorative screen on the wall behind it
Mid century modern lattice from Acurio Latticeworks - Retro Renovation
Lattice made from pvc pipe. Might be fun to DIY.
a metal sculpture with plants growing on it
Modern Circle Wall Trellis - Wall Art Trellis | Gardener's Supply
Circle Wall Trellis - $65 for Todd and Karen + Mandevilla
there is a plant growing out of the top of a potted planter that has many circles on it
Modern Circle Wall Trellis - Wall Art Trellis | Gardener's Supply
Circle Wall Trellis
a window with circles painted on it next to potted plants
Bubbly Adorable
I'm thinking this can be made with slices of pvc pipe and spray painted
a white pergolated area with flowers and bushes
Garden screens
Design Ian Barker. Make with PVC pipe rings would make a great trellis or just a mod gazebo type seating area!
there is a large mirror made out of circles
pvc pipe installation by Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann
the bathroom is decorated with modern wallpaper and decorative decor ideas diy p d
Divide and Conquer: 24 Wall Partitions
old plastic tubes !!! from pluming !!
a large white sculpture sitting inside of a room next to a wall with circles on it
Could do something like this out of the plastic tubes we just got! installation art made with pipes to make a big separating wall.