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Stefania Martina
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Spring bulbs in pots.

Place bulbs shoulder to shoulder across the surface of the soil, leaving no space between them. Then top off with more potting soil so the bulbs are just slightly below the surface. Water each container thoroughly, and finish with a layer of mulch.

Lots of snowdrops around at the moment. #getoutdoors for a walk and see them for yourself this weekend.

Snow Drops everywhere ! I have these in my garden, they brighten up the cold days of late winter into early spring with their pretty bobbing heads nodding in the wind. It's on those days that I know spring is coming.

Beautiful dahlias produce blooms in nearly every color of the rainbow! More of the best summer bulbs:

Summer Flowers and Bulbs Summer flowers electrify your garden. Summer-blooming flowers offer some of the most spectacular color of the entire year, whether they are late summer flowers, annual summer flowers, or perennial summer flowers.

Lily-of-the-Valley/ Very Fragrant, will attract Butterflies and Hummingbirds. Plant with "White" Moonflower Vine which is also fragrant and a white midnight garden plant. WARNING-berries are poisonous, spreads quickly and never plant under SHALLOW rooted trees, they'll compete for water and nutrients.

The Best Fragrant Flowers for your garden. -- though it's small, lily-of-the-valley packs a big fragrance in its nodding white or pink bell-shape flowers. It's a tough, low-care groundcover you can practically plant and forget in shady spots.