Drink and Cocktail Recipes

Impress all of your 21+ guests with these easy cocktail recipes.
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a glass and some cookies on a napkin next to a wine glass filled with orange juice
Limoncello Recipe
Enjoy on its own or in a refreshing cocktail.
a glass filled with a pink drink and lime wedged in it's side
Roasted Rhubarb-and-Cherry Gimlet
A refreshing and special cocktail for spring gatherings, this gimlet is made with gin, lime juice, seltzer, and a purée of a homemade rhubarb-cherry compote. #easylunchrecipes #familydinner #familyfriendlyrecipes #marthastewart #recipeideas #recipes #weeknightdinners
two glasses filled with lemonade and mint tea
How to Grow a Tea Garden That Will Yield the Perfect Blend
If you're an herbal tea drinker, consider growing your own supplies right at home.
Maple Irish Coffee Recipe
It has a secret, sweet ingredient.
a glass filled with ice and lime on top of a wooden table
How to Make the Best Gin and Tonic
Use our classic formula to make a gin and tonic. It's an easy, refreshing cocktail with just two ingredients. Also, get our editor's tips on choosing the right gin and tonic water, plus which glass to use and how to garnish a gin and tonic.
a glass filled with liquid sitting on top of a table
What Is Bourbon? Our Guide to This Favorite Spirit Explains All
Our guide to bourbon will have you reaching for your rocks glass or cocktail shaker in no time.
a pink drink in a glass next to a shaker on a white counter top
20 Gorgeous Pink Drinks, From Rosy Gin Martinis to Rhubarb Bellinis
Find the right pink cocktail with our selection of aperitifs, spritzers, pitcher drinks, and booze-forward creations.
a glass filled with ice and limes on top of a wooden table
How to Make the Best Gin and Tonic
Start with this recipe, and whatever you do, don't forget the lime.
French Martini Recipe Recipe
Unveil the secrets to this sophisticated cocktail, blending premium vodka, Chambord liqueur, and fresh pineapple juice. Whether you're hosting a soirée or simply looking to indulge in a classic French Martini, this recipe is your ticket to a taste of Parisian sophistication.
two glasses filled with orange juice sitting on top of a table next to an orange
Orange-Vanilla Shake
This sunny citrus smoothie that blends two peeled oranges with milk and vanilla to recreate a more fiber-rich version of an Orange Julius.
Shake Up These Pink Gin Martinis Next Time You Need a Special Cocktail
These elegant cocktails taste as good as they look.
three glasses filled with red liquid on top of a white table next to an orange napkin
Pomegranate-Champagne Punch
We used Champagne in this punch, but other sparkling white wines, such as Prosecco, are equally festive and just as good. #easylunchrecipes #familydinner #familyfriendlyrecipes #marthastewart #recipeideas #recipes #weeknightdinners
a purple and white drink sitting on top of a marble tray next to a shaker
5 Drink Trends to Sip in 2024, From Pickle Martinis to Floral Flavors
Raise a glass to these tasty innovations in cocktails and wine—and how we enjoy them.
three different types of glass bottles on a tray with spoons and glasses next to them
Why You Should Use a Decanter for Your Favorite Spirits
Nearly all spirits are suitable for decanting; find out when it makes the most sense to use this elegant vessel.
a table topped with plates and glasses filled with red wine next to a chocolate cake
10 Dessert Wines to Sip for a Sweet Ending to Any Meal
From sherry and port to sparkling Moscato, try one of these dessert wines for a glorious finish.