Keturah Powell

Keturah Powell

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Keturah Powell
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#fashion #shoulderbag #bag - like this  bag

- I like this very nice bag

Atlas Targets shoulders, triceps Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a to dumbbell in each hand, palms up, with elbows bent by ribs and forearms pointing diagonally up out to sides. do 20 reps 4 sets today

How to clean the greasy stove hood filter. Boiling water and baking soda: Use a big enough pot to submerge the filter. Bring water to a boil and add cup baking soda tbsp at a time). Boil the filter and watch the grease melt off!

Pinner said: McDonaldland Cookies (My Dad and I used to walk to Mcdonalds sometimes just the two of us. I remember looking forward to our little outing so we could spend time together and of course so I could get a box of these cookies).