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Paint Roller Lamp by Natalie Sampson Designs

This is the funniest lamp I've seen so far during my search for upcycle design. The nice thing about the 'Paint Roller Lamp' is that you can still see what the original object was used for. The lam.

Applique murale design et originale en robinet

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jaeuk jung____amber chair

Jaeuk Jung designer of The Amber Chair wanted to explore the preservation of a historical object and capturing a moment in time. Jaeuk has.

Jaeuk Jung, Amber Chair, preserving immortal memories. Jaeuk Jung staat kritisch tegenover de maatschappij en wil kijkers aan het denken zetten. In deze serie heeft hij geprobeerd herinneringen voor eeuwig vast te leggen. Wat ik erg inspirerend vind is dat hij niet zijn gedachten heeft getekend, maar een object waar herinneringen aan zijn verbonden als kunstobject verheft.

Amber Chair: preserving immortal memories by Jaeuk Jung is displaying as a new edition of O'clock: time design, design time selected by Triennale di Milano [Triennale Design Museum] at CAFA Art Museum in Beijing

I, like, really want this HONEY Pendant... When I'm rolling in it, maybe I'll remember to get this. - Bronze + Chiapas Amber | Onetribe

HONEY pendants are now available on the site! Made from bronze/brass with beautiful hand-carved million year old Chiapas amber hexagon inlays.I have just a handful of them cast at the moment, and each will be made to suit with your choice of amber colo

Amber: the fossilised resin has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with perfumery. What is #amber in #perfumes? The answer is on Link:

When a tiger dies, its spirit penetrates the earth and becomes amber. Amber is called "hu-p'o", the soul of the tiger.