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Delicious Interiors with Natural Materials and Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces

No matter where your trail winds, no matter the terrain, Nature Bridges' top-down construction method makes what seems impossible - possible.

Nature Bridges is a leading timber bridge company specializing in boardwalk construction and pedestrian bridges.

A creeper wall

Image 17 of 22 from gallery of Naman Spa / MIA Design Studio. Photograph by Oki Hiroyuki


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silver birch A birch forest in Finland. Remingtons cabin had these wooden walk ways all around the cabin. Mr Grubich and Elerins built their cabins there now.

Japanese Friendship Garden.

I really like tha contrast of the landscape rock; the design layout makes the white rock look like a river. Royce E. Pollard Japanese Friendship Garden on Clark College Campus -Vancouver, WA;

Makes for a nice walk to and from your car.

Peterson Residence / Robert Gurney Architect

Paisagismo USA

Nouvelle at Natick, by Martha Schwartz Partners, Natick (MA), USA. perfect example of great feng shui landscape design and architecture of the building beside.


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