| Agias Sofias Competition >Panoramic Perspective 2 | Regeneration of the Agias Sofias - Acheiropoeitos axis of Thessaloniki / competition OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS in collaboration with VANDOROS ALEXIOS, participated at this years biggest Greek Architectural Competition of Ideas for the project “Regeneration – Promotion of the Agias Sofias - Acheiropoeitos axis, of the Municipality of Thessaloniki”. -Architectural study: OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS, VANDOROS ALEXIOS…

Week The design of landscape should have highly consideration of the surrounding. The landscape design largely depends on the site content.


GILBERTO ELKIS PAISAGISMO Another geometric landscape design, but an interesting combination of straight and curved lines---looks like a fun space to walk through, although seating and social interactions are problematic.


Public plaza geometry could be adapted to an elegant domestic scale (Gilberto Elkis Landscaping).

Yi Zhong De Sheng Secondary School | Foshan China | Gravity Green

Yi Zhong De Sheng Secondary School

Raised beds // Turenscape More

Designs Of Landscape Architecture

Mutual Materials permeable pavers, Ecoloc, are used throughout the Lewis River recreational area to pave walkway paths and around wetlands and an amphitheater.