Dacian reenactor in scale armor

Dacian reenactor in scale armor and looking decidedly wicked.

Dacian in traditional attire - Batca Doamnei museum

Roman statues of ancient Dacians (geto-dacii) – Faces from the past

Batca Doamnei museum Romania Dacians in traditional costume dacian man

Dacian old warrior.

The most interesting Sci fi & Fantasy art featured by the Elfwood moderators.

Dacian simple people.

Dacian nobles on Trajan Column.

Old Dacian Character.

Daniel Roxin: DEX-ul confirmă: romanizarea n-a avut loc (un arti.

Thracian/Dacian weaponry.

Helmets, dagger, quivers, poker, signs (from the pedestal of the Column of Trajan) - Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Decebal's portrait.

Decebalus (ruled was the last king of Dacia. He is famous for fighting three wars, with varying success, against the Roman Empire under two emperors-Decebal's portrait.

Dacian warriors.

Dacian warriors.