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Gabriel piccolo - A real hoodie based on my Raven design is coming up this winter!

I thought Red X was really intriguing. One of those morally ambiguous characters that you could never predict. Sometimes he was good, sometimes he wasn't. And a total bad ass. His contrast to Robin was just another part of why I liked his addition to the series.

Honestly teen titans was good at incorporating all the robins in some way. The future episode with nightwing, red x, and the current Robin, they probably did the other one but don't remember

When teacher is watching you doing test

When the teacher is watching you during a test.and you pretend that you're at least trying to think.yah but I'm doing that pose with my middle finger instead hehehe

I feel this every math class for at least one problem. Written by Dade.

This is so accurate I usually just go with the person nexts to me answer tho because they are much smarter than me. Haha I just realized this is how I am in an advanced math class