This is true , no matter what you cannot make people happy. When your down those people run away from you

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and that goes for all 7 personalities too

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Most of the time, i think I'm okay. And then all of a sudden your image appears in a rush, and I'm left gasping and choking on memories.          Shit. I thought i was over this.

Sumthing is stoppin me from likin yu. Probz cuz yu like else buh no we can only b mates. Fk the other dikhed

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corina was here :)

oopsss sorry.

Mi dispiace che non fossi quello che volevi

Ugh I just failed a biology test, I have a chemistry test to fail tomorrow, and then I have to do fucking posh paws this weekend. I JUST WANT TO SIT IN BED AND WATCH GREYS ANATOMY

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// restless \\:

Gonna try to quit cold turkey.

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Need to remember this and keep out of the business of other people.

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