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an image of the letter g in black and white on a beige background with text
Typography Hierarchy + Typeface Poster
Typography Hierarchy + Typeface Poster | by Aditi Thota | Communication Design Fundamentals | Fall 2017 | Medium
the word time and money is made up of different types of typograms
Times New Roman
Stanley Morison (1930) - Creador de la tipografía Times New Roman, la cuál tiene sus bases en la tipografía de estilo romano Plantin, modificada para lograr una mayor legibilidad. La tipografía tiene su origen en uno de los artículos de Morison en el que argumentaba que la tipografía que utilizaba el periódico The Times era anticuada y poco legible.
a black and white poster with the words futura written in different font styles on it
Typeface Review: "Futura"
an image of the front and back cover of a book with yellow letters on it
Avant Garde type specimen by Tyla Conerly
the font and numbers are arranged in different colors, shapes, and sizes for this poster
Eric Gill
black and white typogramic typefaces are arranged in the shape of letters
a poster with the words bodni in different colors and font, on a gray background
Type Specimen Poster
the back cover of an article with black and white type on it, including numbers
an image of the front cover of a magazine called boddonii by giana botini
the poster is designed to look like black and white letters, with different font styles
a poster with the words helvetga written in red and black on it
a poster hanging on the wall that says x and has an image of two letters in red
Type Classification Posters | Spring 2015
Type Classification Posters | Spring 2015 on Behance