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an image of various shapes and lines on a black background with the words's in white
Object Alphabet
Object Alphabet on Behance
the word money spelled with coins on a white background
Brasas - Words on Typography Served
the letter b is made up of nuts and pumpkins
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the letters and numbers are made out of wood
Rubber Band Font
hand made typefaces with hands in the shape of people reaching out to each other
Type & Publication
a person holding up a poster with the letters o and o written in white yarn
Typography Showcase: Look At Most Awesome Handmade Fonts
a cross made out of rocks on the ground
Nature Typography
some paper clips are arranged in the shape of letters
Paperclip Typography
Paperclip Typography by xjimagestorage, via Flickr
the poster for face music, which is being held in front of a dark background
Art and Design Inspiration Showcase - Graphicsfuel
Art and Design Inspiration Showcase
some candy canes that are in the shape of letters
an origami dog made out of white paper
H, Rubber Gloves Lost And Found™ Alphabet, The Typography Class.
the word i want candy spelled with sprinkles in multicolored letters
found objects.