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Latiao Recipe (Chinese spicy strips)
Click the link to see detailed recipe on msshiandmrhe.com
Meringue Cookies – Cute Halloween Candy Idea
These cute, colorful, and crunchy meringue cookies in spooky ghost shapes can be your perfect Halloween candies. Made of a glossy and stable Italian meringue, these egg white cookies can be stored in the freezer for up to a month. Are you ready to surprise your families and friends this year with these lovely Halloween treats? Now is a perfect time to get them ready!
Homemade 3 ingredients chocolate truffles
Click the link to see detailed recipe on my website msshiandmrhe.com~
Fried Milk
Fried milk is a popular Cantonese dessert. The pudding-like milk filling is soft, creamy, and sweet. The outside layer is golden, crispy, and hot. Paired with some sweetened condensed milk, this dessert is a must-order when we go to a dim sum restaurant. Click the website link for the detailed recipe.🙌