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a teddy bear with glasses and a pink purse
Bear School Premade Scrapbooking Embellishment Paper Piecing 3D CardClip Art.
Each item is pre-made, hand inked, layered from cardstock, eyes are hand painted and pieced together by me (Ready to use) These are NOT clip art , printed out, dies or cutting files. Effective October 1, 2021, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will extend its delivery standards for some First-Class mail for up to 2 additional days. This is paper piecing die cut scrapbook embellishment ready to add to your scrapbook, card, mini album, or project. All my paper piecing are handmade. Please al
a brown teddy bear with a pink bow on its head
a close up of a paper cut out of a bunny with blue eyes and pink ears
a brown teddy bear holding two balloons
a teddy bear sitting on the moon with its name hanging from it's side
a teddy bear hanging from the side of a blue balloon
a teddy bear hanging from the side of a wall with hearts and stars on it
Orsetta sulla nuvola
an image of a stuffed animal in the shape of a star with rainbows and stars on it
two teddy bears are laying on the moon and one is holding a star ornament
a drawing of a teddy bear riding an airplane with goggles on it's head