Ensemble Date: 19th century Culture: Romanian Medium: cotton, silk

Ensemble Jacot Bitterman Museum of Art, New York Costume Institute Date: century Culture: Romanian Medium: cotton, silk Credit Line: Gift of Princesse Serge Wolkonsky, 1954

Apuseni Moutains, linen or  hemp with black geometrical motives, wool apron.

traditional romanian blouse & skirt from the transilvanian mountain area (apuseni), Romania

Romanian embroidered scarf

Romanian folk costume has remained relatively unchanged and continues to be worn for festival occasions. The basic model for women consists of an embroidered blouse and skirt, belt, head scarf, and often a vest or jacket

princess marie of edinburgh

Marie of Edinburgh (later Marie, Queen of Romania) acquiring the Romanian identity, in her peasant costume, given as wedding gift.

Photographs of Romanian life in the 20th by Costică Acsinte. A woman shows off her elaborate traditional dress, 1930s.

A woman in traditional dress poses for a portrait found photo print street ethnic boho peasant embroidered blouse skirt vintage fashion

Ukrainen. Bukovyna. Вишита сорочка.

Ukrainen. Bukovyna. Вишита сорочка.

Women's costume from region of county of Suceava, Moldavia

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Romanian blouse - embroidery detail

Romanian blouse - embroidery detail