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When I started this blog, way back in 2006, I had no clue how long it would last. I actually had no idea I could even write about something for more than a couple of days. It is funny how things go.

The Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends Everyone Should Be Watching In 2020

The past decade will be remembered as the time when machines that can truly be thought of as “intelligent” – as in capable of thinking, and learning, like we do – started to become a reality outside of science fiction.

5 Awesome Films with Artificial Intelligence Characters

What does the future hold for Artificial Intelligence development? Can artificial intelligence characters in film show us the future? Here are 5 to see.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Film Production

For well over a century, major Hollywood studios have used the same top-down management process to create movies. This archaic system has stifled creativity and made it near-impossible to pitch good…

Blade Runner, Artificial Intelligence & Consciousness

Blade Runner. Nature of Consciousness explained in the video documentaries Athene's Theory of Everything & Consciousness Mechanics

AI is changing how you watch TV

Artificial intelligence, the major plot device in countless sci-fi films, is making it big in the entertainment industry. Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping Hollywood get even smarter about how it captures an audience, and the implications for your enter…

AI could help us deconstruct why some songs just make us feel so good

We all know that music is a powerful influencer. A movie without a soundtrack doesn’t provoke the same emotional journey. A workout without a pump-up anthem can feel like a drag. But is there a way to quantify these reactions? And if so, could they be reverse-engineered and put to use? In a new paper,…