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Flipbook Frühblüher
an article about the same thing in german
23 Bilder, die allen Deutsch erklären, die nicht aus Deutschland kommen
the words in german are written on a piece of paper with red marker writing underneath them
an open book with the words in german on it
an english worksheet with pictures of people and words in the form of letters
a poster with words and pictures on it
Persönliche Informationen - Ich stelle mich vor
Persönliche Informationen - Ich stelle mich vor - Deutsch Daf Arbeitsblatter
a pink and white poster with the words die zeit in different languages on it
die Zeit | time
the words in different languages are displayed on a white background, including one for each word
the document is shown in black and white, with an image of numbers on it
an old german poster shows different foods and drinks
an image of weather symbols and their corresponding names in english or german, as well as some other words
German Weather Posters and Printables by Language Party House | Teachers Pay Teachers
an image of a table with numbers and words on it, including the names of different languages