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there is a small kitten with blue eyes on it's face and the caption reads fact about cats they can't smile when cats are happy, they squeeze their eyes
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a drawing of a human heart with trees growing out of it and birds flying around
"Tree of Life" Photographic Print for Sale by buko
a cat sitting on top of a tree branch with the moon in the sky behind it
a painting of a deer's head in the middle of a field with grass
Serendipity by Brian Commerford
a cat that is laying down on top of a bed with the caption if your cat snores or rolls over on his back to expose his belly, it means he trusts you
Fun Cat Facts #21
a black cat on a brick wall with snow flakes in the sky behind it
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a painting of a black cat with yellow eyes sitting in front of some white flowers
Two pet rats in rat cage Rats, Nature, Fish, Animals, Pet Rats, Fish Pet
Pet Rats 💕
a cat laying on the ground with chalk crayons all over it's body
14 Cat Posts From This Week That Will Make You Wanna Hug Every Cat
two cats are sitting in the snow with one cat looking at the camera and another cat standing behind them
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