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Love the shape of this bottle!  Full body shrink sleeve design for vodka bottles.  #etiquette #bouteille #shrink #sleeves #bottle #labels

Jonah + the whale premium vodka. This one is just a shame. To take such an elegant bottle and put those lame, childish illustrations of whales on it. …I just think this could have been crafted so much better for a premium product.

Cristina Popescu Russu Ceramic artist

Interview with Romanian ceramic artist Cristina Popescu Russu In 1975 you graduated Ceramics at the Nicolae Grigorescu Arts Institute in Bucharest. You have been active in this domain for over

David Gallagher Ceramics • Ceramics Now - Contemporary ceramics magazine

Ceramics Now is an independent art platform and magazine specialized in contemporary ceramics.

Enter into the 4th Industrial Revolution by Dassault Systemes via slideshare

The rules of the game have changed The way goods are produced today is completely different, and so are the goods produced.