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Handgefertigte Leinen Pullunder Größe 6, mit Nähten, Detail, französischer Dart und den Hals oben gerichteten (ungefüttert) Reißverschluss unten Mitte Rücken Handbestickt mit Blumen

Handmade linen tank top Size with top stitching detail, French darts, and neckline facing (unlined) Zipper closure down center back Hand embroidered with flowers

There is a shower that runs to the basement already, it would just be a matter of changing the hardware.  I like the doorless shower, and it would be a great option for the cement floor

A house we are considering as open tiled showers similar to this. The tile is brown (not gray) and it (thankfully) has no window right there at the shower! I love the idea of an open tiled shower! No glass to keep clean, no curtain driving you crazy!