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Marian Marinescu

Marian Marinescu
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FREE ENERGY ::: Look & build this. This circuit converts surrounding radio frequency waves to electric power. It can provide 40 Volts at 10 Watts indefinitely. The output power can be improved playing with the antenna. Placing the antenna near large metal objects gives more power. Antenna should be more than 150 feet long wire, placed horizontally as high as you can for best results. The pointing direction also is critical to the output. A highly polished aluminium sheet as a antenna…

A free energy collector circuit helps to convert surrounding radio frequency waves to electric power and can provide 40 watts to 10 watts i.

Slightly more complicated process of functions of the Tesla Coil.

Rediscovered by Mark Rodin and AKA: a Torus Coil, Rodin coil, Vortex Coil. 'Mathematics of God' and 'Sacred Geometry'.

Wine Bottle Candle Topper

Wine Bottle Candle Topper: Making your own candle topper is simpler than you might think: all it takes is cutting off the bottom of a used wine bottle and securing it over a tea light candle and base.