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Gemini/Cancer- My best friend Hannah and I... I used to be the shy new girl, but Hannah made me different. I am not introverted like Cancers, I am the Gemini Cancer hybrid! Who says we can't get along! Not me!

The Astrology Guru - Cancer compatibility with Gemini I had a great relationship with a Cancerian guy for almost 4 years and he felt like a soulmate immediately and we got along GREAT. So, Geminis and Cancers CAN be a great pairing!

This is so important. Find a girl who makes you want to do this, otherwise its not real.

This is how you kiss me everytime! Oh how I can't wait till your home. Your Babygirl loves you and I will soon be kissing you and caressing you too. Falling asleep in your arms. Waking to your kiss, smile and , I love you my Beautiful Babygirl.

Nah...... #Aquarius

I usually wanna "murder" probably Capricorns, Scorpios, or Aries. But i get along pretty well with them anyway 😝 ♒️