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Georgiana Manea
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Kagehina || Hinata x Tobio

Don't make fun of him he hAS A WEAPON (;) A small Kagehina gif that took longer than expected to make XD frames*cough* I used Clip Studio to draw the frames and Photoshop to animate! ❤️Please ONLY repost with CREDIT.

Bloody anime boy Guro demon

Ash- Hybrod: is 18 or so he thinks- Ash is used as part of a bargain so he doesn't trust many. Ash dislikes people, he is grim, sneaky and aggressive.- Ash dislikes loud noises and thunder

Anime boy

Summer: * bumps into yuno a guy from my class i crushed on and blushes looking at him* H-hey yuno. * blushing* (( okay so this is a new guy i want to add on here he goes to sfhs in my class and i crushed on him someone can be him in this rp ^-^))