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an image of a table that is in the shape of a spiral, with lines on it
VORTEX PROPELLER - diagram, schematic, and image 02
three different views of an architectural drawing, including a spiral staircase and the design for a tower
Toroidal Energy Atoms
the twelve zodiac signs are shown in red
11 deadly sins
Perfume, Essential Oil Blends, Aromatherapy, Wicca, Fragrance, Herbal Magic, Essential Oil Perfume Blends, Essential Oil Diffuser Blends Recipes, Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes
Morgana Magick Spell Digital magick to enhance your Book of Shadows.
an image of two stars with the names of them in different colors and sizes, one is
Elven Star: Meaning of the 7-Pointed Symbol
an image of the names and dates of all different things in the sky, including water, fire, air, earth