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Star Wars Costume Evolution Infographic

Apart from Luke looking like Ron Weasley I think this is quite cool! - STAR WARS Infographic Traces Costume Evolution of The Rebels Infographic Star Wars Costumes A Week Ago

saw this and it made me giggle... Gotta love Monroe from "Grimm"... without a doubt, he *makes* the show.

Grimm Guide- Monroe Quotes: "Dude, I can't be around that guy; he's way to potent.

Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade in Season Four of Grimm.

Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade from -- one of my favorite characters, always curious to see how she develops.

American Horror Story

Is it me or am going crazy about American horror story like I listen to lady Gaga's perfect illusion and I just got American horror story hotel on Netflix and finished this is one day.I have American horror story problems


*Grimm* Having to wait until next week is a killer! Missing GRIMM! ♥ Thank Grimm it's Friday forest sign,

Grimm On NBC Season 1 Pilot Episode

Thanks to i got a sneak peek at NBC's Grimm before it aired for broadcast. from the first few seconds i was hooked.