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an empty restaurant with wooden walls and round tables in the center is lit by dim lighting
Momoyama (모모야마) : VISITKOREA
a restaurant with round tables and chairs in front of a circular wooden screen divider
how to bring biophilic design into restaurants • anooi studio
Exploring how to embrace biophilic design into restaurants, making the space more welcoming and pleasant for both guests and workers... → read it on → #BiophilicDesign #Biophilia #NatureInspiredInteriorDesign #Wellbeing #SustainableHomeDesign #SustainableHome #SustainableHomeDesignInteriors #EcoFriendlyHomeDesign → photo credits on the blog
the circular staircase has glass railings on each side and wooden flooring around it
>Hyundai Museum of Kids' Books & Art
an artistic rendering of a lobby with circular seating and flowers hanging from the ceiling above
an indoor garden is shown with trees and plants in white pots on the floor, along with wooden walkways
Butterfly Aviary / 3deluxe
© ChristianBauer
an outdoor seating area with plants and food on the table, in front of large windows
Sarawak Food at The Loaf Pavilion KL
the inside of a building with plants and tables in it's center aisle, surrounded by tall white columns
Restaurant “Spring Feast” Chaohu
»Restaurant „Spring Feast“ Chaohu « — Ippolito Fleitz Group
a room with benches and trees in the center, surrounded by pictures on the walls