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"Crowley - good catch! inconsistency or plot twist???" That would be such a cool revelation!

I'm reading the book that pic is from rn! It's called Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett and all spn fans should read it's because a) it's about Crowley and an angel during the apocalypse and b) it's flipping hilarious

Oh my gosh!!! XD Misha is too awesome!

Misha: "There are children in the audience, I'm not gonna do that." Fan: "Bitch please." Misha: "Did you just say bitch please? Bitch please." Dear God I love him!

Grab the salt or start to draw the sigil

My whole family are supernatural fans so one time the lights flickered and before anyone could my mom yeld grab the salt! And we put salt around the house just to be safe

The Fault In Our Stars John Green

The Fault In Our Stars John Green<<<the quote is utterly beautiful only the ones who watched the movie will understand!