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Warrior Cat Quote. Anyone else love this series as a kid?>>>> MEEEEEEEEE AND I STILL LOVE IT AS A TEENAGER

Awesome warrior cat code most spoken to cats in other clans once leaving peacefully.(Mainly gatherings)

I love this Pin!! I personally think Firestar should be more Red but that's just me. Poor poor Spottedleaf.

gee sandstorm maybe it's cause spottedleaf was always kind to firestar and his friends while you shunned firestar till he did something for you/you realized he was hot and you were also mean to graystripe after his mate friggin died giving birth

Hi everyone! So, for the first warrior cat contest you have to draw your favorites Dark Forest warrior! Due: September 8th. Good luck!

"Yellow young one, who might you be?" A cat asks me, I turned to see a cat known as MapleShade. She smirked at me* "What's your name, kit?" (MapleShade needs to be played).

A Cat Like You by on @DeviantArt

Yellowfang's tragic death with Fireheart/star by her side as she says these heartwarming words before she goes to StarClan.

"I told you not to waste your last life!"

Death of Firestar: instant tears! Although I haven't read that book yet, it still makes me cry!

Cinderpelt, do you have to die? MOUSE-BRAINED BADGERS!!! YOU KILLED ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS!!!< I feel the same.

Cinderpelt💔 I love and like you! You are my hero forever😢 I miss U Cinderpelt

The reason why #Tigerstar hated #Firestar so much was because he reminded him of his father, #Pinestar.

Pinestar left ThunderClan to become a kittypet, which is extremely shameful and looked down upon. Tigerstar was probably ashamed of his father and hated him with all the bitterness in the four Clans.