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someone is holding their hands up to the cross
Ας μην μένουμε στα ελαττώματα των καιρών! Ας κρατήσουμε την χαρά τού να είσαι χριστιανός!
a drawing of a lion with spikes on its head
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a sheep with a crown on it's head and the caption in spanish
Οργή Θεού! (Διήγημα του Δημοσθένη Βουτυρά) - Cat Is Art
three crosses on top of a hill with the sun setting in the distance behind them
a cross in the middle of a cave
Cross Good Friday Resurrection - Free photo on Pixabay
a cross decorated with flowers and greenery sits in the middle of a field under a canopy
White & Orange Ceremony Cross Decor for Your Wedding with Flowers - Birmingham, Alabama Wedding
a cross sitting on top of a pile of dirt
'God Is on the Side of Justice': FBI Chaplains Shining Light in Dark Times