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a man with a compass tattoo on his leg
Compass Tattoo Symbolism & Meaning Gives True Direction
Compass Tattoo Mountains
a man's arm with a mountain scene on it
The Open Road
The Open Road
a man's back with a mountain and trees tattoo on his lower half leg
an alien holding a piece of pizza in his hand with the words i love you, tumbi on it
19 Alien Tattoo Ideas That Are Out Of This World!
Alien eating pizza forearm tattoo - #tattoos #aliens
a man with a mountain and pine tree tattoo on his arm, showing the mountains in the background
See this Instagram photo by @desrocherstattoo • 116 likes
a man with a mountain tattoo on his arm
40+ Mountain Tattoo Ideas | Art and Design
Usually, mountain tattoos are partnered with trees as in real life. But this could also show a deeper message since forests are also symbols of strength.