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Delicacy, and even of Fragility via

A night of twisted horror, buried no longer, pulled from her memory to snake down her spine and whittle its way through a small knot on her back, spilling shivers to stand soft hairs on end and send limbs of truth to wrap her in their cold embrace.

((Open)) Joleen tumbled through the broken window, the glass scratching her as she landed and rolled too her feet. "What're you waiting for?" She yelled over her shoulder at Y/C, "Come on!" She finished, already breaking into a run after the blue deer-like creature they'd been chasing.

If we neglect the Fisher King, we are no more than a Fisher King. Allowing the fragmented being to die broken and alone will yield nothing.

I'm getting fed up w/ ppl copying me, so now I'm just going to block those who copy me bc I've given enough warnings lordy

This is a book where I post templates and tutorials. For every template I put in this book I will write instructions on how to use it.