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Jeans could work as a middle look possibly in worse case scenario to show comfortability he is achieving with outside world .

Perfumes for Men

Gentlemen's Guide to Fragrances...

Guide for men on selecting cologne. Remember this tip, guys: only one spritz. You want your girl (or guy) to lean in to smell you.

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Fashion & Style Trends For Grooms

Fashion for men: for an ultra sophisticated editorial look break out the suit go down to the city and incorporate glass and high rise buildings.

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How A Man's Suit Should Fit - Visual Suit Fit Guide - Proper Fitting Suits Chart Men's Fashion

Style, Class and everything Fun

Feeling a coming on get over it in style with the a dapper suit and the essential sunglasses. Go undercover around the city and spy like you mean it

i honestly believe every man of every classification should have a good suit. tasteful​ pocket square and a pair of well polished shoes. (tie optional) but the knowledge of how to tie one is a must. -Jared F. Alfonzo

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