RPG WH Place E Ostland / Wolfenburg
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Inspiration : Ostland has a little in common with Eastern Prussia (border to Poland, ehrm, Kislev, and the state colours of modern Prussia)
an impressive house to a notable clerks home.

Romanian Woodcraft: Gate Illustration by O.

a map of Ostland

a map of Ostland

a relatively wealthy Ostland farmer's house.

A House In Northern Russia In The Century. From El Mundo En La Mano, Published Poster Print x

a coaching inn in Wolfenburg.

Images of Old Russia from 1872

the misty land of the Red Bull, Ostland.

Spooky Trees Classwork by Rocktumblersgirl

a wealthy merchant's house.

Images of Old Russia from 1872

This gate has space for horse and carriages in the centre and servants entrances to the sides.

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