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Disney punks
This is Michelle. She is 18 and is engaged to Hunter. She is very carefree, rebellious, and popular. She loves texting and using instagram and pinterest. Please adopt her and Hunter together.
Amber. She love rock climbing but not as much as fashion!!! She has the powers to be invisible. Please adopt.
Wassup? I'm Kate, daughter of Elsa. I am obsessed with Disney and winter. SEE YA!!!!
Lula, Thorbjørn Ankerstjerne and Fabio Sebastianelli for Herself magazine: Princess Ariel
Elsa punk
Meeeee ♫ Feli - Creioane Colorate Realizat cu Flipagram -
“Fairy Tale Fantasies” is the new 2012 sexy calendar of the Disney Princesses Pin-Ups by the great illustrator J. Scott Campbell. Beautiful of course
Elsa punk
The one on the left is amy, middle is lila and the one on the end is cece their up for adoption their all sister and they come together they are all 16 just comment down below if you want them.