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Shit!!!Genos overheated!Get off on him SAITAMA!Your balls will be cooked

ok, but with all seriousness, whoever did this art. One Punch Man - Saitama x Genos - Saigenos

Break Up - KuroTsuki / Kuroo x Tsukishima - 全知全能, Artist: @gkdlzb1234 posted via twitter Translator:...

Break Up - KuroTsuki / Kuroo x Tsukishima - 全知全能, Ooh poor tukishima but it cute😢❤️

Pokémon is an anime! But it isn't the only anime there is! Bish get your facts straight or you're getting punched or slapped....

When people ask, "Oh, Naruto? "Does everyone think Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh are the only anime's out there?" << i totally agree< Lol i only hear Naruto and Pokemon and I just feel like tearing that person's face apart