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This is because we seriously try to not show our Dr. Jekyll side because most people will think we are overreacting or that we are insane. We are not crazy, we just know too much and if angered, we will say what others fear most. Most people are not ready for our wrath. They think they are but they're not. #cancer #cancerian

Fun facts about your sign here when a cancer loves you, they will move mountains to see that you have everything that you need

5-Minute Workout: The Great Sex Yoga Workout | Fitness Magazine

These five easy yoga moves will strengthen those oh-so-handy-to-have-in-the-bedroom muscles.

This outfit is so cute! It has the bunny bands, turquoise colored shoes, am infinity sleeveless shirt & cool blue shorts! Which one u like the most I like the shirt, short ,maybe?

15 T shirt DIY Crafts

Make sure you use a t shirt with very thin, light material. I used a band shirt because I thought it would be so cute but it ended up being thick and stiff. It definitely was easy though! -TM Cute bathing suit cover up:)