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No fucking shit we want  #jimin#bangtanboys#bts❤️

I love Jimin infinitely whether he has cheeks or not, but I agree, they were adorable af

i cant remember like 10 people in social studies that we go over countless times but i can remember like at least 10 nicknames for each of the 7 members. i only remember the important stuff in my life.

Actually adding the "ie" sound to someone's name is common in Korea as a way to refer to a friend that is younger than you by their given name.

I related to this cause im like super short and got tall friends and fam members so not just that they bend down im also like standing on the tips on my toes .... why am i like this ;-; *it'll probably make jimin happy tho xD*

Tae is so considerate isn't he XD >>> but no. Look at how gorgeous Jimin looks in that first phont😍😍😍

"Come on Taehyung, lets find your mummy" #BTS #TAEHYUNG  #J-HOPE

jhope: alright tae calm down we'll find jin sooner or later also jhope: fuck me in the ass with a garden hose i swear if this bitch don't shut the fuck up with his annoying ass cryin imma beat his ass before jin can