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When man stops living at a place, nature takes over! We have found ten pictures of places that were abandoned by man and have been taken over by nature.

Repurposing Paris’ Abandoned Railway, The Petite Ceinture. A look at plans to repurpose Paris' abandoned railway, the Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture for pedestrian spaces and biodiversity initiatives.

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Weddbook ♥ This high heel white wedding shoes is heavily decorated with grayish crystals and beads to make the shoe look amazing and give it a classy look. Wear this on your wedding day and make sure no eye in the room misses your presence.

Yess<3 I do belong to him && he belongs to me <3 path don't cross over and over again for no reason.  Fate brought us together.

My heart are all consumed by thoughts of other woman has ever held my life in her hands the way you have.and I will forever belong to u.til my dying breath I will be your King.until I breathe no more .I'm forever yours.