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an office with grass and red chairs
Skype Office Having Fun with Commercial Interior Design
Skype Office Having Fun with Commercial Interior Design | Mindful Design Consulting - skype-office-design-grass-rug-2
an empty room with chairs and tables in the center, surrounded by glass partitions
AGC studio オフィス・会議室エリア | Inui Architects
AGC studio オフィス・会議室エリア | office of kumiko inui
multiple images of different colors and shapes in an art gallery
Monday's quick start: translucency at RAW color - Bloesem
a woman standing in front of a multicolored wall with her back to the camera
London Design Journal
Your body of work, colour filter foil / Moderna Museet, Stockholm 2015 / Photo: Anders Sune Berg © Olafur Eliasson
people are walking through an art gallery with colorful walls
Minibion – Moderna Museet i Stockholm
Seu corpo da obra (Your body of work), Olafur Eliasson, 2011
people are walking in an art gallery with colorful walls and floors that have mirrors on them
reality machine olafur eliasson
reality machine olafur eliasson -
an abstract photograph of colorful glass blocks
Bahar Yurukoglu – Artwork and Bio of the Turkish Artist – Triangulation Art Blog
three different images of colorful shapes and lines in the air, with one being an upside down
curated contemporary art /// chris wood
Glass wall panel installation by UK based artist Chris Wood. She says that her work is about expressing the “magic of light”. Um… nailed it! She uses dichroic glass, and in case you’ve never heard of dichroic glass, (meaning two colour). Developed in the late fifties by NASA to protect against the potentially harmful effects of direct sunlight and cosmic radiation. It is a material that very eloquently expresses the magic of the phenomenon of light.”
a blue and white light sitting on top of a wooden block next to a black wall
積み照明「地から宇宙へのジオラマ」 | TAKEHANAKE design studio
a room with multiple colored lines on the wall
Colorful Artworks by Nike Savvas | Inspiration Grid
Colorful Artworks by Nike Savvas | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration