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three red flowers are growing in a potted plant on the ground near some grass
.oh my, so pretty. I have seen the blooming season of cactus in Az and the blooms are incredible...
two orange flowers are in front of a brick wall and green leaves on the plant
Eve's needle catus (Austrocylindropuntia subulata)
some pink and white flowers are in a pot
Cereus spiralis
a tall cactus with white flowers growing out of it
there is a large white flower in the potted plant
A conversation piece for sure-but does it remind you of the plan in Little Shop…
there is a potted plant with flowers in it
Muy florido
some white and pink flowers in front of a large cactus
Cactus Flower
a plant with yellow flowers growing out of it's center in the dirt area
Crassula pyramidalis:Tiger’s Jaw (Faucaria trigrina)
˚Stapelia scitula
Stapelia scitula
˚Stapelia scitula
some very pretty flowers in the dirt near a tree and grass area with a potted plant behind it
huernia …
some plants that are sitting on a shelf
Descubriendo las suculentas e imágenes para reconocerlas
Stapelia hirsuta variegata
a plant with flowers growing out of it
most unusual.
an orange flower is growing on a green plant in a pot and some other plants
a large white flower sitting on top of a green planter next to potted plants
Cacto florido DR
a cactus with white flowers in a blue pot